About Us:

Established in 2012 and based in Singapore, Solixtec specializes in developing and providing services for automation software platforms across the electronics sector. Our advanced solutions are extensively utilized in various industries, including semiconductors, Surface Mount Technology (SMT)/Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), photovoltaics, and Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). We are dedicated to delivering efficient and reliable factory automation solutions to our valued clients, ensuring their operations are streamlined and productive.

Our Vision:

Make smart manufacturing easier!

Our Mission:

Empowering efficient intelligent manufacturing through onestandardized and fully functional automation platform.

Our Business Initiative:

Factories face difficulties setting up smart manufacturing systems due to complex requirements. Long-term planning is time-consuming and often impractical, while short-term plans can't keep up with the factory's evolving needs.

To address the challenge, we present the intelligent Manufacturing Automation Platform (iMAP) for factories. iMAP integrates essential data collection and automation functionalities, offering a ready-to-use foundation for smart manufacturing. Additionally, its open API empowers factories to develop custom functions and seamlessly integrate with other systems, enabling long-term, sustainable evolution of their smart manufacturing capabilities.